Buying a business.

About buy-side transaction advisory

About buy-side transaction advisory

Cégvásárlási szolgáltatásunkkal abbam működünk közre, hogy a tervezett felvásárlás fokozott sikerességgel valósuljon meg.

Businesses that follow a conscious acquisition plan as part of their growth strategy increase their value to a greater extent than their competitors. Every acquisition process involves many questions and decision points. In order to get the most out of an acquisition, it is crucially important to be able to make informed decisions, so that you can close the deal at the right price and under the right conditions. With our service, we provide full support before, during and after the transaction. We help you find the right target, valuate the opportunity, develop the negotiation strategy, participate in the negotiations, as well as in the strategic integration following the purchase.

Whether you are expanding your business with a strategic acquisition, looking for a financial investment, or just exploring opportunities, you can consult with our employees to learn about the options that best suit your goals.

Miben segítünk a cégvásárlási szolgáltatásunkkal?

Identifying acquisition opportunities

Business valuation

Driving the negotiation process

Port merger integration, strategic advisory

Advantages of our services

Thanks to our active market presence and partner network, we are up-to-date on Hungarian acquisition opportunities.

Companies following a pragmatic acquisition strategy can increase the value of their business to a greater extent.

Whether you are actively or passively looking for acquisition opportunities, our service is at your help.

With strategic advisory, we are able to help in the integration of the acquired company so that the synergies can be fully captured.

We provide a range of services during and after the acquisition process so that our clients can get the most out of acquisitions.

With the involvement of a consultant, the chances that conflicts arising during the negotiations will be resolved are significantly improved, so you can close a more favorable deal as a result.


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